The design and scenario

We can offer a classic ceremony in the traditions of your family (church chuppah, temple). The script and decoration of your wedding can be stylized and inspired by your favorite book or movie. Breakfast at Tiffany's? Dinner with The Great Gatsby? Marie Antoinette’s or Coco Chanel’s Wedding? Eco-style or Art Nouveau? As you wish! We would be delighted to help.

Reception venue

The most important decision to make is the place where you celebrate the biggest day of your life. It should be a place which offers the most beautiful decoration, the best food and of course a high-quality service.

We can offer different options:

  • the most prestigious hotels of Paris
  • оld Chateaux (castles) with their preserved parks
  • the most beautiful reception venues
  • the Rose Garden of Maria Antoinette
  • the Bateaux-Mouches (river boats): the beauty of the City of Light will be the best setting for your party
  • finally, under the sky of Paris, breathtaking panoramic terraces.

We can also make you discover other reception venues, traditional or unexpected.

Of course, you can also try and choose the type of gastronomy that suits you. Tastings will be organized at your convenience with the best caterers. As it should be, of course you will choose the wines and champagne. Tastings will be organized at your convenience with the best caterers.

Design and flowers

Who can imagine a beautiful wedding without a nice floral decoration?

We offer you to entrust this delicate work to our team of florists and professional decorators. The whole atmosphere will be adapted to our style. The theme of your party, whether classic, minimalistic, historical or otherwise will be respected and a personalized decoration will be built.

Music and entertainment

Live music contributes significantly to create the atmosphere and mood of the wedding.

We will find the best musicians for you and we will offer a playlist for each step of your party. We work with bands and musical groups of different styles, but all first- class. The guests, whatever their age, will have fun with our entertainers.

Invitations and guestbook

For guests, the wedding begins with receipt of the announcement.

An elegant announcement represents your wedding card. It already gives a taste and announces the style or tone of the future party.

The design, text, chosen font, harmony of colors as well as the paper quality are important.

The guestbook will remain an irreplaceable memory and will be tactfully available to your guests.

Photo and Video

Over the years, you will cherish more and more your wedding album and the video that goes with it. Not only you but also your children and grandchildren will always look with emotions or nostalgia at the starting point of their family. We work with various highly specialized service providers.

Love Story

This is the best way to tell about your meeting, the beginning of your love and the birth of your feelings for each other. It must be prepared in advance, in quietness. Photo sessions will be organized in the most beautiful places in Paris or other romantic places, out of time.

The slide show or movie will be shown to your guests during the party. They will also share the emotion of the event better.


Undeniably, the bride is the star of the day, but not only with her dress. All arts (hair, makeup, accessories, etc.) are essential.

Our professionals know all secrets used by models in fashion shows. We will find the best service providers for you.

And the D-day, you will be perfect, unique!

The wedding dress or the outfit of the groom

We are happy to guide you through this very difficult choice, that of dress and suit.

We can help you for fittings in the best shops of Paris. If you are looking for something more personal, we have high-level partners like the famous Italian designer Sartoria San Lazzaro. They can make some unrivalled wedding dress.

Gifts for guests

Each guest will receive a small gift in memory of the wedding party. We take care of everything: the packaging of the gift as well as the moment and the way to offer them. Ditto for the guestbook.

Wedding cake

Our pastry chefs are true maestro of the Haute Cuisine: they can work wonders. Their wedding cakes are as beautiful to look at as delicious to taste.

Limousine Service

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