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Your Wedding Day is coming soon?

You are in love, you are excited, you want to make the most important day of your life wonderful and amazing, so that it will be remembered forever after.

Your memories of this day will be a source of happiness for your whole life. Do you want an ideal wedding? We know how to help you. Your Wedding Day can and should become a unique High Art masterpiece. It will combine the beauty of Haute Couture, richness of taste of Haute Cuisine, courage of designers’ skills, talents of photo artists and precise calculation of time- managers. This art we call L’ART DU MARIAGE. It consists of the Arts of music and decoration, gastronomy and table, floristics and photography. This harmonious ensemble will make your Event beautiful and unique, as your love is.

We respect the traditions, but we also don’t forget about the fashion trends. We are always happy to share with you our fresh and non-sampled ideas for your Event. Entrust us all trifles and efforts, and just enjoy the unforgettable moments.

Carte blanche

We fully support the organization of the festivities.

This option is ideal for those not wishing to go into all the details of the event preparation. This formula allows you to preserve your time, your energy and saves you a lot of inconvenience. It can even reduce the final cost through better selection of service providers.

Carte Blanche includes:

Carte Blanche comprend:​

  1. An initial interview, which will allow you to specify your expectations and your goal. This informal interview will take place in pleasant surroundings. This will allow us to meet and exchange information about your project. We will present our agency, our accomplishments and our team. A contract proposal will be given to you at the end of this meeting.
  2. After signing the contract, we will submit a detailed project to you with a visual presentation and an evaluation of the budget. Of course, this project will evolve according to your requests.
  3. The implementation of the project:
    • several meetings with the client, including a rehearsal of the ceremony
    • making estimates according to the budget and the project
    • search of reception venues for the ceremony and the party
    • negotiating rental contracts
    • selecting of the team of suppliers and control of their work
    • the design of the decoration according to your wishes and its realization
    • the counsel "support shopping" in searching the dress or ceremonial outfit
    • the counsel for the selection and order of the announcement
    • detailed drafting of the two "timings": that of all stages of the preparation and of the party program
    • a very regular information on the progress of the project
  4. D-Day:
    • the complete coordination for the smooth progress of the day
    • the control of the dismantling of all equipment
    • verification of the joint entry and exit inventory
    • the inventory of wines and champagne that were used
    • the settlement of extra costs
    • accompanying guests at the end of the party (taxi, valet, etc.)

For "all inclusive" package, our agency fees are 10% of the total budget.​


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A la mode

A la mode is best for those who have decided to manage the organization of their wedding by themselves and who already have a clear vision of how their party should look like. These guys might also need advice, useful contacts and information.

Very often, the bride and groom, busy with their work, lack the time or energy to juggle everything. Moreover, at this stage of your relationship, you need to have time for yourself.

So you need a support to limit the number of hours required by this preparation. "It's a full time job". We do not impose anything on our customers. But we can assure you that many years of work have taught us to select the best service providers and to direct them properly. We only work with the best: venues, caterers, bands, dj, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, florists, photographers, videographers, decorators, etc.

We are very selective because our profession is a passion. Especially since our business activity is related to our reputation.

And we really care about it!

The agency fees depend on the mission you entrust us.


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A la carte

A la carte suits those who want to entrust to professionals what is unusual for them. We take care of anything that embarrasses you! We can prevent you from wasting your time. This option allows you to choose the services separately from our various service offerings.

This can be used as well for a great event as for a small family celebration. We are able to find a high-quality suppliers for a reasonable price.

The agency fees amount to 10% of the proposed budget.​


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This offer allows our customers to manage all the preparation of their wedding, but relieves them from any concern the very day of the ceremony.

Anything that requires verification, synchronization, control whatsoever, or a reminder, all becomes our responsibility that day.

We can guarantee you:

  • organizing the reception of guests
  • monitoring the installation of the decoration and facilities
  • coordinating the work of contractors and controlling their work
  • payment of all contractors
  • cars and other vehicles will arrive on time and accurately at the indicated addresses
  • the work of designers, photographers, musicians and all personnel involved in the ceremony, will follow the schedule
  • the various steps will be clear and precise, without any failure
  • no one will be late for a photo shoot, or at the restaurant, or at the ceremony
  • gifts and flowers will not get lost by negligence
  • service and especially wine service will be done properly and effectively
  • small problems will be solved instantly

You will be able to enjoy the end of the party without worrying about other things that should not bother you during this happy and rare moment for your family.

Working time and required time: 2 weeks before the date of the celebration and until the last guest has left!

The agency fees will be from 900 euros depending on the complicity of event and the number of guests​.


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Carte Blanche

Full service event design, planning and coordination. You relax and enjoy the preparations. We do our favorite job, we take care of entire organisational process... We will do everything. You do not have to worry about anything!

A la mode

Do you want to organize everything by yourself? That's good. But you might still need a couple of advices, contacts and simply a pair of extra hands to help to do everything in time. We will be happy to help you.

A la carte

You made all the preparations by yourself. But you are still missing some of the executives. No problem. You can choose anything you need from our extensive service menu. Our professional team handle with any task!


Here comes the Big Day that you have been waiting for so impatiently.  All the worries and troubles are left behind. Your Coordinator is with you to make sure everything goes smooth. Everything is under control. And it will be just great!

Luxury Paris wedding tour

Luxury Paris wedding tour

For brides who have big dreams of the finest wedding Paris can provide, we offer a
“Luxury Paris Wedding Tour”.
In one whirlwind day, you will visit a handpicked collection of Paris’s most prestigious wedding venues and meet 2-3 of the wedding industry’s leading florists, photographers and cake designers.
All while sipping a little champagne or kir royal along the way. Of course, transportation is provided between locations.


Wedding express

Our experience allows us to organize important events in a very short time.

Our motto "no panic" takes on its full meaning. This is our specialty, which we have developed for years. Our well-established teams and the well-synchronized division of tasks avoid wasted time and unnecessary stress.

Timeliness does not mean a less careful design or less attention to detail. This is the result of a well-oiled organization and an energy that is naturally at your service.

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